Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Port-a-Potty Painting and Other Things

Even though I have a ton of work staring me in the face, I'm still dreaming of my camper ... isn't that odd? When it's sitting outside all I can think about is how much work is ahead of me and then I keep stalking craigslist and ebay trying to find another one that is fully completed so I don't have to do all the work. Then when she's gone, I miss her. Kind of like being pregnant I guess. Anyway, after hashing and rehashing, I decided to pass on the finished camper that I thought was adorable and keep plugging away at my old girl. (I am playing camper matchmaker though with another "sister" so maybe she'll give that darling little compact a home!)

I decided to test out the Sherwin Williams Blonde rather than judging by a small little 2 x 2 square so I decided to paint the box the port-a-potty sits in. Brilliant huh? In my camper, next to the back bed, there's a little cabinet on the floor. When you open the door, you slide out a box and there's a toilet seat mounted on it with a chamber pot and lid underneath. Not sure if the box is original but it's a brilliant idea whoever thought of it. It's a horrendous beige-pink color so I thought I'd give it a fresh coat of paint and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Well just to show you how girly I am ... I can't get the paint open!! It's in a little quart size plastic jug with a turn lid and the Sherwin Williams lady made it too tight for my small hands to open. So the box now has a fresh coat of primer and I'll have to paint tomorrow after my hubby opens the paint can tonight. Yikes ... I need to buff up!! I thought it was pretty funny in any case.

I'm also still exploring curtain fabric options. I think I'm going to take all the fabric back to where I got it (not the upholstery fabric, that's not an option) and just wait until I put the actual cushions in the camper to see what it's asking for. I'm not sure if it's the fabric I don't like or just that I'm not "seeing" something in the 4 x 6 square of sample I have. I must have liked it when I bought it because there was a ton of other fabric on clearance at the same time and this called to me. Would I pick it today? Probably not but I'll work around it even though the designers say that's not a good idea. Phooey on them! I can't wait to get her back and work on the inside again ... now that I've decided to give her a chance that is. Sometimes that's all any of us needs, just a chance to show our true colors and shine!

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