Saturday, October 6, 2012

Camping with the Casita!

Well I finally got to go camping in my lil Casita last month!  Went to Custer State Park in South Dakota for a great week ... beautiful scenery, great company and a ton of fun! 

Then onto the Nebraska Junk Jaunt for even more fun ... and shopping ... and junk!  Not sure why I bought half of what I did but that's the fun of the JJ ... you never know what you'll find.

My best friend for life finally named my camper (yes again, this poor little thing has gone through so many name changes).  Her new and permanent name is Aqua Polka.  Yes, it's a weird name but it has meaning!  The inside is done in an aqua color AND polka dots plus I'm half Polish so it fits. 

Here she is all glamped up ... isn't she adorable? 

Sadly it's now time to get ready for winterizing.  :(  I'm not ready for cold weather but luckily for me (well not really lucky but making lemonade out of lemons here) hubby inadvertently crashed into the garage door necessitating a replacement.  So in a moment of brilliance, I decided we are going to make an 8-foot garage door so we can winter the camper inside.  Yay!

Until next time, stay warm and happy trails!