Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For Barbie's Golden Jubilee (50th Birthday)

So my best friend in the entire world is turning 50 next month!  She's calling it her Golden Jubilee so I wanted to add some gold to her celebration and decided to make her a Hershey kiss rose bouquet, in gold of course. 

I searched all over and couldn't find gold cellophane and the only Hershey's kisses that were gold were almond so I settled on yellow cellophane and plain kisses.  I wrapped 50 of these using cellophane, bamboo skewers, floral tape and silk leaves.

I painted a bucket I got from Hobby Lobby metallic gold, put a circle of floral styrofoam inside and stuck the kisses in that.  Then I bought some metallic gold crinkle stuff to cover the skewers and used rectangles of gold glittered tulle as accents.  I wrapped a big tulle bow around it and needing something a little extra, I found a bow gold glittered Christmas ornament at Hobby Lobby which I stuck to the bow with a sticky glue dot.  I think it turned out fairly cool.

I prefer the mixed candy bouquets myself (like the one in a previous post that I made for my daughter's speech competition) but since I wanted this to be obviously gold, went with just the kisses.  She loves chocolate and yellow roses so it's a double yay.

I also picked up several glittered gold ornaments at Hobby Lobby (I should probably just get a job there, I'm at HL all the time) including a golden crown and golden carriage (like in Cinderella). 

I'm also knitting her a set of Halloween dishcloths that she requested and am adding a few extra goodies to her package like candles, etc.  Hopefully she likes it!