Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Bed and a Short Farewell for Maintenance

Well hubby finally finished the new platform for the bed (the old one was cracked and peeling). Got it put in today so now I'm just waiting for the cushions and my screen door to get fixed.

Tomorrow she's off to Sioux City to be worked on so it's farewell to the Shasta for a while. Gives me time to concentrate on other things I guess. Hopefully it won't take them too long to fix what needs to be fixed so I can get back to priming and painting.

After looking at vintage trailer blogs, I'm really loving the "romantic" cottage look that I'm seeing so I plan on looking in SC tomorrow for some material that would match and I might be rethinking the color scheme. I'm having some regrets about the fabric I chose for the cushions but I can always work around them. I shouldn't even have second thoughts when I consider it was only $2 a yard on clearance. *lol*

I just have to find some nice floral fabric to coordinate with the colors which I haven't been able to find ... haven't found any nice floral fabric anywhere actually so might have to resign myself to looking online but without having a calibrated monitor, it's kind of hit or miss looking at a 2" square.

I also plan on doing some thrifting tomorrow ... I took stock of my tupperware picnic set and realized I've been hoarding those dining trays (rectangular lunch try sort of things) and I even picked up 3 more at Goodwill today. At 50 cents a piece though, I can't complain. I really don't need any more of those but I'm sure they'll come in handy one of these days. I'd like to find a nice set of melmac or even those square tupperware plates, something non-breakable. I also found a cute red and white 3-piece tupperware craft container that will make a perfect first aid kit.

Note: Can't seem to get pictures to upload yet again ... will try again later!

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