Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun Stuff with the Casita

Boy I'm having a ball decorating the Casita.  This is fun to me and I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about rebuilding and all that "guy" stuff.

I've been busy this past couple weeks ... sewed curtains with some great aqua-green material I got at Walmart of all places.  Seems they have a featured quilt pattern called "pink lemonade" and some of the fabrics were pink, aqua and yellow with little white polka dots.  I put my melmac next to all 3 and it was a near perfect match.  Thirty minutes later (and after asking 3-4 people their opinion) I decided to go with the aqua.  When I got it home, hubby said "Of course you did, it's green!  The color also coordinates with a quilt I'm going to use so that was a nice bonus!

So I made lined curtains, vacuumed the whole thing, cleaned the interior (not that it needed much of anything), made a bunting out of coordinating fabric since that's all the rage in the glampers group and then when at Menard's I found Wall Pops!  They had a package of the mini pops for $9.99 and they were in my colors!  These were called "cutsie blooms" and I just had to grab them.  These are removable wall stickers so they won't hurt anything in the camper and they add just a nice little touch.  I actually had to run back and get another package.  The only thing I'd change is I'd put a few more smaller flowers in the package and a few more stems ... but oh well.

What do you think?