Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grrr ... Blogger won't let me comment!

Not sure what's going on but I can't seem to comment on any blog posts ... I'm reading all of you, just can't say anything back.

I comment, choose google account, sign in, put in the weird little word and then it takes me back to log-in and we do this dance again and again and again.

Anyone else having this problem? 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Progress on the Forester

Today we replaced the window screws.  Didn't replace the butyl tape since the windows were tight against the skin and my philosophy is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Used some clear sealant, putting a drop in each screw hole before screwing in a new screw. 

Then we continued working on replacing the rotted framing, putting in new pine "studs" where there were rotted pieces and weak areas.  Lots of measure, measure and cut since hubby is of the mindset "measure twice, cut once."

It's slow going but he said once this nitpicky stuff is done, the rest should be easier.  It's just time consuming replacing little pieces of wood, especially where the roof curves are.

I need to order some window seal stuff from vintage trailer supply and go over to where we stored Compact parts and see if I have a window that will fit where the a/c currently is.  We're also looking at replacing a board on the underside near the skin and possibly just redoing the entire door.

Too soon to think about camper colors and color schemes for the outside but hopefully soon we can get to the "fun" stuff. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well we survived graduation and out of state visitors and I just might have hooked my sister on the vintage camper craze!  Company arrived last Friday and of course, after the house tour, they had to take a tour of the 2 campers.  They were more impressed with the LoFlyte naturally since it's intact and decorated and couldn't believe how tiny the Forester is ... they of course saw it in its gutted glory so it will look even tinier once it's rebuilt!  Such slow going on that since hubby has too many irons in the fire but one day!

My sister was thrilled with how cute vintage campers are and so I gave her my Sisters on the Fly book for her trip home and now she's trying to get her friends involved and I predict within a year she'll have found a vintage camper of her own.  I did find a 1970 Frolic for sale in Norfolk but knew she wouldn't be able to take it on the plane ... it was just funny to find something right after she expressed an interest.

As many of you know, I belong to the Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum and one of the other members is in Nebraska on a road trip to pick up a Shasta Compact.  She's planning on driving up here so we can meet & greet ... what fun! 

It was so nice to be able to meet Mindy and see her darling little compact.  Even our dogs got along great ... camper folks are the neatest!
For those of you who are thinking about getting into vintage camping, watch out, you better get moving.  Oprah featured Sisters on the Fly in her new magazine so everyone will be snapping up these little gems .... be quick but be careful!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Advice for the Graduate Decoupage File Box

When my son graduated years ago, I ordered an "advice for the graduate" jar where guests at his reception would post messages on scraps of paper and put them in the jar.  Since my daughter is graduating, I wanted something similar but couldn't find anything I really liked.  I saw several altered Rolodexes and card files on Etsy but they all were for weddings and showers.  I actually asked a seller if she would be willing to sell just the cards with "graduate" instead of "bride and groom" but never heard back from her so decided to create my own.

I decided to go with a file box but finding the right one was a challenge.  Hobby Lobby didn't have anything that would fit 4 x 6 or 3 x 5 cards so I went over to Office Max.  They had the perfect little tins!  They hold 3 x 5 file cards and come in black or white and actually have a closure on them.  I bought 2 of them and some blank 3 x 5 cards and set out to create a cute little box.

I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and using Mod Podge, decoupaged it to the box.  Then using Microsoft Word, I was able to recreate the advice cards only in 3 x 5 format.  Figuring out how to print them was also a challenge ... it took me a while to feed them into the manual feed of my HP Laserjet 3050 all-in-one but finally I located the manual feed and by printing 10 at a time (the max it will do), I got a bunch of cards printed up.

All in all, I'm pleased with the results.  I debated putting a bow and charms (grad hat and 2011) on top but decided to go with more of a minimalist approach.  I'm planning on doing another one for my Sisters on the Fly table for the sisters that go to the events I go to to leave their contact information.  Haven't found the perfect paper for that yet but I'm looking.