Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Name, A Theme & A Bath!

Well finally she has a name ... introducing "The Buzz Kill" (see new name below)*lol* Not sure where that name came from but I was in Hobby Lobby looking at fabric for inspiration and found some adorable bug themed fabric. Trekked over to Walmart to see if anything else caught my eye and there were polkadots and stripes and all kinds of semi-cute stuff but nothing as cute as this fabric. So I bought all that they had and was trying to come up with a cute buggy name when all of a sudden I had a 70s flashback from when people used to tell me I was a "buzz kill" because I didn't drink. Voila ... double meaning and totally weird at the same time. Not sure if I 100% like it but it works ... plus I can do her up in bugs and it will be kind of cute.

(UPDATE: I might not like the bugs so much so she might have a change of name. I plan on hitting Joann's and Hancock Fabrics in Omaha this weekend armed with a piece of the cushion fabric to find "the perfect" curtain fabric. Wish me luck!)

(2nd UPDATE: Well Joann's and Hancock were a total wash. I'm sticking with the bugs (even though I'm madly in love with this vintage trailer fabric I found online.) Went to Hobby Lobby today and found some possible alternate fabric but when I put it on the counter with the bug fabric and my swatch from the cushion fabric, the fabric lady and a random shopping lady both said "THE BUGS! GO WITH THE BUGS!" ... so I'm going with the bugs. *lol* However, the camper's "official" Sisters on the Fly name is .... Mary's Midlife Crisis ... that one is courtesy of my hubby who's exasperated with my flip flopping on colors, fabrics, themes, etc.

I'm still trying to find the perfect color to have her painted though. Found a guy who will do it for about 1/2 of the price of the auto body shops (he has one at his home and it's a hobby more than a business which is why the price was reasonable). I'm thinking yellow and white or maybe lime green but still not quite sure.

Today was bath day and testing out the electric day. Hooked her up and all the sockets and lights work. Yay! Vacuumed her out, scrubbed all the window screens and will work on the windows and window sills this week. I also started scrubbing the fiberglass rock guard/awning at the front windows. It's yellow! Boy what a difference getting rid of umpteen years of grime will do!

We also put on new tires/rims and purchased MDF for the new bed base and paneling for the small section in the back that needs to be replaced. It's not an exact match but for such a small area, it will work for now until I decide to re-panel the whole thing (if I ever do). I also purchased new curtain rods for all the windows since my daughter ran over the existing ones while they were in the garage. Luckily they're cheap at Walmart.

Expenses so far:

$150 - tires/rims (2)
$ 26 - curtain fabric
$ 25 - curtain rods
$ 30 - paneling and new wood for the bed plus paneling nails


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