Thursday, August 12, 2010

Various Estimates

Hubby called today and had a guy come by to look at the camper for a painting estimate. If I went with a whole body paint, it would be more than I paid for it and apparently hail dings show up more when the paint is new. However, if I was to just change the stripe color from boring beige to something else, I'm only looking at about $200-$300.

First step will be to scrub her down with camper wash to see if that perks her up some. I'm still not thrilled with the beige but can live with it for a while anyway until I decide on the perfect color. I'm still thinking turquoise but not quite sure.

For the inside, we went to Menards yesterday and looked at paneling. A single sheet runs about $14 and it's not the exact color but since the area I need to fix will be covered by curtains and bed/couch cushions, I don't think anyone is really going to notice. The majority of the paneling is in good condition and only needs a cleaning so I don't intend to replace all of it.

For the bed area, a sheet of MDF is about $30 and hubby thinks that would work better than plywood due to the separation factor. I do see where some of the plywood is separating so that's probably why the pull out sticks.

Pangs of envy did hit me yesterday when my daughter's friend told me her parents GAVE AWAY a camper back in April. Ugh, if only I had known but what's done is done.

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