Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Color, Color and More Color!

Well after much debate, I've decided to paint the interior of the camper. It's paneled in this white-washed 60s paneling that I'll never be able to match so rather than have the inside look patchworky in the spots where I need to replace some, I've decided to just paint.

I'm using Bulls-Eye primer and it's a huge task ... who'd have thought a 12 foot trailer would be more annoying to paint than a big old room? It's all the little spots and spaces and I've only gotten the closet done so far.

I took my color scheme inspiration from April 2003 cover of Country Living Magazine.

Since the appliances are avocado green, I'm going to paint the interior "Optimistic Yellow" by Sherwin Williams which is a nice warm yellow and coordinates nicely with the avocado appliances.

The fabric for the curtains is a little wacky but I wanted something bright and fun and can always change them if they get too annoying. I did have second thoughts on the fabric since I really like this Michael Miller vintage trailer fabric but it's a lot more expensive ($9 per yard) and I can't find it locally to see it in person. I did go back to Hobby Lobby to look at other options for fabric but when I put them all on the counter with the cushion fabric, it just didn't work as well as the goofy bug fabric. A couple other people agreed so instead of being a soothing cottage kind of retreat, it's going to be a sunny yellow fun kind of camper. Here's the curtain fabric.

I'm now going to be scouting around for vintage Corelle, green/yellow enamelware and a bunch of other fun stuff to tie this thing together.

Saturday morning she goes off to Sioux City to have some work done ... propane lines checked/replaced, electric brake fixed and bearings packed plus I'm going to get an estimate on how much it's going to cost to paint her exterior. I'm thinking of either doing her in white/yellow, white/darker avocado green or yellow/green. I'm still debating though.

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