Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifting & Cleaning Like a Mother ...

Well whoever said "Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish" works is sure right!!! That stuff shines aluminum like crazy! I decided to get cracking on the wings today ... figures the day I have a light workload it's hot as a you-know-what so wanted an indoor project. This stuff is great ... polishes up dull aluminum wonderfully (but stinks and turns the towels black ... be forewarned!).

Took a break after scrubbing the cargo area floor and went thrifting looking for some cool camper stuff. Didn't find much of anything but I did find a vintage 60s Samsonite round train case in that off white marble for $3.99. I left the regular suitcase but would love to find more of these to take with me because they're just so cute and retro. Here's a picture of one just like it that's currently on Etsy.

I also found a Rolodex for my office for $1.59 and a set of 2 wire shelves that stack together for $1. I'm still looking for corelle dishes but might end up buying them at Walmart. They did have some Melmac at Salvation Army but they wanted $10.99 for it and it was pretty crappy looking and it was missing the bowls. Makes me kind of upset that I sold a bunch at a yard sale for $5 this past weekend but the colors were ugly.

I also found some adorable Alexander Henry fabric called "This Land is Your Land" that has states and symbols all over it ... might go with a travel theme which again makes me peeved that I sold a bunch of those tacky state plates at my yard sale this past weekend too. Ugh. Oh well, there's always ebay!

Tonight I tackled the kitchen area. I used lysol spray cleaner on the backsplash and the formica and when I took down the range hood, I found 40 years of dried out dead flies ... blech! I also shined up the propane lantern and cleaned the heck out of the range hood and filter. I'll replace that tomorrow after it's had enough time to dry completely.

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