Monday, August 30, 2010

A Decorating Dilemma!

Well now that the camper isn't here staring me in the face, I'm questioning the wisdom of what I've done. I'm not happy with what I've got at the moment and don't know how to fix what needs to be done. The avocado appliances don't bother me. The cushion fabric I chose bothers me a lot. Here's the dilemma:

I want to go from here:

to here (this is Amy's Vintage Cottage's trailer and I love it!!):

Any suggestions?

We have picked a neutral beige for the walls rather than optimistic yellow from Sherwin Williams. This is "blonde":

So far we've primered all the junky 60s paneling so we're obligated to paint and I thought a neutral would be more toned down with the avocado green on the 3 appliances (icebox, stove and heater cover). I'd rather work with them than against them and I've heard painting them isn't a great idea because the propane will bubble the paint eventually.

I'm not a great decorator ... I could copy something from a magazine if I started from scratch but when I'm working around elements that are in existance, I tend to just leave it as it is and hate it. I'm also not a "thematic" decorator ... I know lots of the Sisters on the Fly are into themes, especially western, but I'm more of a minimalist.

In my own home, I have neutral colors except for my office and my bedroom and I'm working on decluttering because I'd love to have a minimalistic home. Thus, a camper is a perfect space for me because it forces me to be minimalistic and uncluttered (or so I hope).

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them! I don't sew well so slipcovering is probably not a good option. Hubby said I should just have them redo the cushions but since they're just being done now, that's kind of a waste of money in my opinion.

So I'll ponder and pout and agonize until I come up with a solution. Thus is life!

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  1. You sound a lot like me. I'm not a natural decorator. But gleeming ideas from magazines is a good idea. I personally love the look of Amy's. The lighter cottage-chic colors. The only thing I would change is add a bit more color. I love how she has the robin egg blue dinner wear though. Very crisp, clean and cottage-cozy looking. I want to make some new curtians for Daisy Shasta if I can ever get the rods off (Uhhg!). I really want to incorporate some robin egg blue inside. That's my favorite color and since I don't plan on painting the exterior a new color anytime soon I have to work with what I have and add color on the inside and curtains seem a good place to start (: