Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Progress Begins

I still haven't been able to give her a good cleaning due to the high temperatures we've been having but I was able to get some of the windows unstuck so a cross breeze can blow through. WD-40 and a good coaxing should help the rest of them.

I found a lady nearby who does upholstery so the cushions have been removed and are awaiting their new covers. I still haven't decided on a theme (or a name) and am eagerly awaiting my official Sisters on the Fly number. Maybe then she'll tell me what she wants to be named.

I've decided to have her painted all white and then have the beige stripes repainted turquoise. The wings will remain their silver color though.

Water lines and propane lines need to be checked and replaced if needed and I might have to find a camper place to do that.

Running total so far:

Camper: $900
Material for cushions: $35


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