Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vintage Find

I found these adorable retro glasses at my favorite goodwill store ... this store isn't organized very well and you basically have to dig through bins o' crap to find anything. Last time I was there, I found 2 of the square tupperware snack plates but they were kind of beaten up so I passed. I also (MISTAKE!) passed on a cute little cast iron gumball dispenser that you needed a real coin to work. It was pink, it was only $3.50 and I thought "I really don't need this!" so I left it. Naturally, it was gone when I went yesterday. Ah well, someone got a cute little vintage find.

Anyway, these were stuffed in a bin of plastics ... I found 8 of them but one of them was cracked and the other one had burlap missing from one side so I passed on those 2. Although there are only 5 pictured, I actually got 6 of them. The duplicate is the avocado green one. I think they'll be adorable in the camper.

I'm such a sucker for thrift stores and auctions! :) Today I went to the local GW store since I'm looking for "senorita" gear for the upcoming SOTF event. I did find some big plastic margarita glasses for 50 cents each and when I got them home, hubby mentioned "Oh, I have some plastic ones from the conference last year." Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a use for them. No other senorita gear but I did find a 1970s Gunne Sax dress that I'll probably donate to the high school costume closet for an upcoming play. Just couldn't leave it there and at $3.50, I had to have the blast from the past!

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