Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Beginning of a Dream

Since 2002 when I saw an article in Country Living magazine, I've wanted to own a vintage trailer and join Sisters on the Fly. After passing up a trailer at Goodwill years ago and kicking myself ever since, I decided to renew the quest. I stalked them on ebay and on craiglist, I trampled through a muddy field looking at old trailers that were abandoned to the elements and came complete with built in friends in the form of wasps that had made a home in the ceiling vents. Finally, the search paid off and I became the owner of a 1967 Shasta LoFlyte camper with wings!

This little darling is in amazing shape with intact whitewashed paneling and cabinets and other than some expected dust and mild dirt, is amazingly clean. No stink of mildew and no critters roaming around. My husband and I hooked her up to the truck and towed her home coming almost full circle since her very first owner lived about an hour from here.

She has yet to be christened with a name and needs new tires but she's been bug bombed and is ready for a pine-sol bath as soon as the weather cools off a little bit.

The cushions need new covers and as luck would have it, Walmart has most of their fabric on clearance so I was able to purchase some wonderful colorful semi-retro looking fabric for the seat cushions and have already found someone to make them for me. Let the restoration journey begin!


  1. Same colors as in our 69! Olive green stove and same gold and white counter & table top. I would have kept the gold and white counter except it was damaged in the kitchen area. So its been removed. I have looked around but havn't found a replacement I like yet. ~ I'm excited for you!!!! Just think, next spring & summer we will be blogging about our camping trips! :-) ~


  2. Oh my gosh, I love her! She's a beauty! Thanks for commenting on my blog... cuz now I can follow you along in your camper transformation. She looks amazing. Can't wait to see what all you have planned for her.
    Gotta go, so I can read all your posts!