Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rosebuds and Chocolate - Edible Bouquet

A friend of mine will be celebrating a milestone birthday soon so I wanted to do something different for her.  I decided to combine 2 personal favorites, roses and chocolate, and I made her 40 Hershey's Kiss roses and put them in a personalized planter that I painted and Mod Podged.  This was super easy and I have another occasion coming up that I'll be making a candy bouquet for since I think this one turned out cute.

I used a plain old terra cotta pot, painted black and using my Cricut I cut out "40" with fancy scrapbook paper.  Then I decoupaged the "40" onto the pot and let it dry.  I found a styrofoam ball at Michael's that fit inside the pot and using BBQ skewers, floral tape, silk leaves, red cellophane and Kisses, I went to work. 

To make the roses, put 2 kisses flat end together in the center of a square of cellophane (about 4-5 inches big).  Stick the skewer in the center of the bottom kiss and twist the cellophane to hold it tight.  Then wrap tightly with floral tape, wrapping the stem of a leaf about 1/4 way down or so (it's crafts, not science so whatever you think looks good works).  Continue wrapping skewer with floral tape to the bottom, cut and twist the end up to stick to the bottom floral tape.  Voila ... you now have an edible rosebud.

I didn't want the styrofoam ball to show so I used paper crinkle from Hobby Lobby to cover it but there you have it ... a cute, edible bouquet to celebrate just about anything! 

Have fun!

PS:  The very first one of these I made years ago, I used floral wire so if you have that lying around, you could use that but I prefer the skewers since they seem to be more sturdy.

PSS:  The second one in purple is one I made this morning for my daughter for district speech which is coming up in a few weeks.  Hope she makes it to state! 


  1. The roses turned out great! I'm a odd person in that I'm not big on chocolate; but I know 99 people out of 100 would LOVE your gift. It's quite pretty on top of being yummy to eat for chocolate fans.

    Visiting all my friends from Bridge and Beyond today.

  2. LOVE these!!!! You Are T A L E N T E D! I'm going to try that Rose Bouquet for Sure.
    Thanx for the How To!