Monday, November 22, 2010

Vintage Train Case Makeover

Finally finished revamping the old Samsonite train case I got at Salvation Army.  I had originally done this with Girl Scout stuff but hated the way it looked so I ripped all that decoupage off the case, cleaned it and sprayed it with Rustoleum vinyl spray paint.  That stuff is amazing by the way.  I used it in the camper to spray the old vinyl seats to refresh them and it worked like a charm! 

I decided to use pages from the book Wonders of Nature with illustrations by Eloise Wilkin ... I adore her drawings ... they're just so wonderful.  Got the book at a thrift store and had no problems cutting it up.  It was a big Golden book so the pictures were oversize.

Decoupaged them on the case with Mod Podge and when it warms up enough (probably not till spring unless we're lucky), I'll spray the whole outside with a spray sealer.

The inside of the case was okay but had some stains and smelled like old cosmetics so I ripped all of that out, traced around the outside of the case on a piece of foam board and cut inside the lines by about 1/4 inch.  I covered the 2 pieces with avocado green fabric I had around the house and hot glued it in place.  Then I hot glued upholstery fabric around the inside sides ... it's a burgundy with avocado green diamonds so it matches the green.  If I had been smart, I'd have done the whole case in the upholstery fabric but it's fine so I'm not going to worry about it.

So I now have a new train case to use for whatever I decide.  :)

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