Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Vintage Finds!

I saw one of these plaid Skotch Koolers in Salvation Army a few months ago but it was $10 so I passed.  Then I found out when I went on my sisters on the fly outing that $10 was a fairly decent price so I was kicking myself because it would look really cute displayed in my camper.  Well, there are several on ebay but I didn't want one bad enough to pay the price + $12+ for shipping so I kind of blew it off.

Today I went to an auction ... it was cold, it started raining BUT I got a Skotch Kooler and this cute BBQ tray for $1!!! 

I think the tray is just adorable and I love the cooler, rust and all.  It will look cute displayed with my vintage Girl Scout and camping stuff, don't you think?  Sometimes waiting is all it takes!

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