Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Have a Camper!

Well as luck would have it, I now have a camper!  Completely gave up on the Forester ever being renovated as hubby hasn't done anything to it (well I take that back, he did a couple of little things but nothing major) and so decided to try to sell it.  I had just listed it on eBay when he decided he might want a second chance so asked me to cancel the auction.  Well since I had just listed it, I couldn't do that for 24 hours so stuck a reserve on it.  Nearly 4,000 views and 67 watchers, we got nothing.

So we took it to Sioux Falls, SD to a camper place to get an estimate on renovating it.  Also contacted a guy in Lincoln.  Both came in at roughly $6500.  Not worth it to me because I had bad karma with this thing anyway.

So we went to look at an Apache pop up a few weeks ago and it was super huge so passed.  Plus I honestly don't think I could manage the setup and take down every time I wanted to go out so nah.  Stopped by an RV place on the way home and looked at a 2010 Sportsman's Classic.  Very cute, very basic, no amenities, pretty much bare bones (no propane, no stove, no bathroom) for nearly $8000.  Thanks but no thanks.

As a last ditch, I decided to put an ad on craigslist looking for a late model camper 14' or less.  As luck would have it, within 24 hours I had a reply from a nice lady in Iowa who had a Casita.  I had to ask her what a Casita is because it wasn't anything I had heard of.  She sent pictures, we talked over the phone, we emailed and I'm proud to say I'm now the owner of a 2002 Casita Patriot Deluxe (the one with the bathroom/shower).  This is fully self contained, runs on propane, electric and 12V and is teeny tiny but adorable!

Now if it would just warm up so I can get to decorating ... hurry spring!

PS:  To further make my day better, we sold the Forester to a person in Sioux Falls saving us a trip back up there to get it.  Yay!

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  1. You lucky dog! I love Casitas! I follow a blog, RV Sue, her travel adventures with her new Casita.

    I look forward to seeing inside pics, please!