Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrabble Art

So I caved into the lure of Scrabble tile art on pinterest and am making little framed sayings for stocking stuffer gifts.  I've done a love you, getting ready to do a best friend and might have to figure out something beer-related for my son who is getting big into home brewing.  There's a world of possibilities, I tell you!

I spent over an hour at Hobby Lobby with my little tiles trying to find the right frames, opening them up and making sure I could close them again with the tiles.  I found a 5 x 5 for the LOVE YOU, a 5 x 7 for the BEST FRIEND and lo and behold yesterday I found an 8 x 8 scrapbook frame that might work for the beer (or another one I'm trying to figure out).  A thrift store Scrabble game + 50% off scrapbook paper (not that I don't have enough around here anyway) + 50% frames = kind of a cool little extra gift.

Gotta love pinterest! 

PS:  Bella the Beagle was quite impressed!  :)

PSS:  On a roll here!  *lol*

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