Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wreath Mania

Oooh I'm so addicted to pinterest.com it isn't funny!  I think I've spent the last week, every day, in Hobby Lobby! 

First I decided to make the Eddie Ross (eddieross.com) ornament wreath.  A couple years ago I attempted to make one using vintage glass ornaments (scored from the thrift stores) and used a fake pine wreath, ornaments and hot glue.  It was a disaster!  Half the ornaments broke, the branches wouldn't cooperate and it was horrible.  Sadly I sold all the remaining ornaments at a yard sale (got ripped off by a buyer too but that's another story) and gave up.  Then I found this one!  It looked way too easy but I decided to try anyway.  I don't normally like plastic but went with plastic because I'm going to hang this on the outside of my door and with the cold/ice/snow/wind we get here in Nebraska, I had visions of shattered glass ornaments everywhere.  I hit up Hobby Lobby and bought one of the big packages of shatterproof ornaments and then hit up Dollar Tree for more when I ran out.  The ones at DT are smaller and I bought too many (DT doesn't take returns so be aware of that!) but will give them to a friend for her to make one of these.

Instead of using a coat hanger, I went with a Dollar Tree 18" wreath.  I took all the greenery off it and was left with a simple round wire circle.  However, we did have a problem when we tried to connect it because it wouldn't solder and we ended up using duck tape (again, glad I used plastic ornaments).  The bow is some DT ribbon (2 spools) and I made it using my Bowdabra.  I was hoping that Salvation Army would still have the EZ Bowmaker they had for ages but it was gone.  Oh well.  I think it turned out pretty cool.

The fall wreath was another pinterest idea.  I didn't replicate it exactly but it's good enough for me.  The "F" is for my last name and I'm now officially on a 2-week (or more) Hobby Lobby diet. 

My front door loves me! 

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