Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun Stuff with the Casita

Boy I'm having a ball decorating the Casita.  This is fun to me and I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about rebuilding and all that "guy" stuff.

I've been busy this past couple weeks ... sewed curtains with some great aqua-green material I got at Walmart of all places.  Seems they have a featured quilt pattern called "pink lemonade" and some of the fabrics were pink, aqua and yellow with little white polka dots.  I put my melmac next to all 3 and it was a near perfect match.  Thirty minutes later (and after asking 3-4 people their opinion) I decided to go with the aqua.  When I got it home, hubby said "Of course you did, it's green!  The color also coordinates with a quilt I'm going to use so that was a nice bonus!

So I made lined curtains, vacuumed the whole thing, cleaned the interior (not that it needed much of anything), made a bunting out of coordinating fabric since that's all the rage in the glampers group and then when at Menard's I found Wall Pops!  They had a package of the mini pops for $9.99 and they were in my colors!  These were called "cutsie blooms" and I just had to grab them.  These are removable wall stickers so they won't hurt anything in the camper and they add just a nice little touch.  I actually had to run back and get another package.  The only thing I'd change is I'd put a few more smaller flowers in the package and a few more stems ... but oh well.

What do you think?


  1. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! You'r gonna have her looking so pretty!

  2. Your colors go well with your dishes, cute indeed; but I'm amazed your hubby doesn't object to the girly decorations...I know mine would. We used to camp all the time, tent camping. Did you buy your casita new or used? Been awhile since I've seen one which is why I wondered. Everything is over sized now....huge trailors that I think would be a royal pain hauling around.

    Making rounds today from Bridge and Beyond to everyone who's donated. Wanted to be sure everyone knows about the contest, runs from Feb 14th til March 14th.

    1. Oh my hubby doesn't care since the camper is for me and my Sisters on the Fly outings and not him. It's too tiny for him which is part of the charm ... ha ha! I bought it used (it kind of fell in my lap) and got a really great deal on it and am thrilled. I had horrible luck with the vintage aluminum ones so couldn't resist. I refuse to allow myself to knit/crochet anything until I finish the afghan from he** but will check out your contest anyway. :)

  3. I found your blog after you posted on the Shasta forum that you would look for that tail light for me, and what a find your blog is for me! I had a 13' Casita a few years ago, but ended up selling it before using it much. Pooey. Yours looks adorable and I can't believe your luck in finding all those perfect fun colors all coordinating! Isn't that fun? :)
    And I see that you're a Sister on the Fly, too! I just joined and am sister #2437! :)