Sunday, May 22, 2011

Progress on the Forester

Today we replaced the window screws.  Didn't replace the butyl tape since the windows were tight against the skin and my philosophy is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Used some clear sealant, putting a drop in each screw hole before screwing in a new screw. 

Then we continued working on replacing the rotted framing, putting in new pine "studs" where there were rotted pieces and weak areas.  Lots of measure, measure and cut since hubby is of the mindset "measure twice, cut once."

It's slow going but he said once this nitpicky stuff is done, the rest should be easier.  It's just time consuming replacing little pieces of wood, especially where the roof curves are.

I need to order some window seal stuff from vintage trailer supply and go over to where we stored Compact parts and see if I have a window that will fit where the a/c currently is.  We're also looking at replacing a board on the underside near the skin and possibly just redoing the entire door.

Too soon to think about camper colors and color schemes for the outside but hopefully soon we can get to the "fun" stuff. 

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