Friday, April 8, 2011

Prom Time!

Well tomorrow is our school's prom .. my daughter is a senior so this is her last hurrah.  She's "prom royalty" which is kind of exciting and we will find out tomorrow night who gets crowned king and queen.  This is actually her 2nd prom in 2 weeks, yikes!

Anyway, being as she's the "spontaneous" type (meaning she doesn't tell me stuff until the last minute), she informed me last evening that all the senior girls are wearing garters.  So I called all over the place looking for a black or a silver garter.  All sold out ... ugh.  We went to the bridal shop (actually 2 of them) to see what they did have and she didn't like any of them.  We went to Hobby Lobby.  She didn't like any of them.  Then she said "Mom you can make me one!"  WHAT?

So we bought ribbon, we bought elastic, we bought sequins, we bought a 2011 charm ... I went back today and bought more ribbon to try to figure out how in the heck to make a garter.  None of the you-tube videos worked so I just decided to piece this thing together.

The base ribbon is a pleated black satin with a net background that she picked.  Then I fabric glued a row of silver sequins along the center of that. (Her dress is black/white/silver sequins.)  Then I hand sewed some black/white ribbon along the back to make a casing for the elastic and ran elastic through the back to gather it up.  I sewed the opening closed, made a decorative bow to hide the seam out of some narrow white/silver organza ribbon and sewed a "2011" charm below it.

She said it works ... I guess that means it's not an epic fail.  Now I'm ready to start working on my camper damn it!  At least a little bit before graduation next month!  :)

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  1. I'll bet no one has a prettier garter than your daughter. That's really nice.